Red Drum Restocking

Red Drum Restocking by SC DNR

Last week I went down to Glenn Landing at Lemon Island to watch the release of 65,000 red drum fry into the Chechessee River by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The 1 to 2 inch fry were moved from a holding tank into a skiff and then slowly released along the grass line along the river bank. Red Drum, also known as Spot Tail or Red Fish, are one of most popular game fish in South Carolina. Within a year, the fry will grow to about 12 inches, and within 18 months, will be slot sized (15″-23″) and legal to keep. DNR has been successfully restocking our local waters for 20 years.

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Bull Red - Hilton Head Island, SC

Fishing for BIG October Bull Reds – Hilton Head Island, SC

Fall, one of my favorite times of year, when droves of big bull reds migrate into the sound to feed and fatten up for winter. You don’t need to go far to find them. We usually anchor off in about 25-30 foot of water in the Port Royal sound off Hilton Head Island and get set up. There are a number of methods to catch these monsters, but typically fresh or frozen cut mullet fished off the bottom will do the trick. I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying Capt. John Brackett of Sweet Pea Fishing Charters and have never been disappointed. Their size doesn’t vary too much, you can expect to catch 25-35 lb. fish if you’re on them. Tight lines folks!

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Hilton Head Island's Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin

Up Close and Personal with The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin – Hilton Head Island, SC

One thing that never gets old; …being greeted by Hilton Head Island’s friendly Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins! Whether you’re cruising the intracoastal on a boat, relaxing on a dock or traversing the bridge to Hilton Head Island, you’re bound to see these guys cruising the waterways. They always seem to be smiling and love to be pet on the nose. This video was shot from a dock in Skull Creek where the dolphins frequent on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Sweet Pea Fishing Charters - Hilton Head Island, SC

Offshore Cobia Fishing – Hilton Head Island, SC

Enjoy 11 minutes of POV action on the back of Sweet Pea Fishing Charter’s Cat boat. We managed to catch a small Black Tip shark and a 30 lb Cobia during the video. The Cobia was landed around the 5:25 mark of the video. A big thanks to Capt. John Brackett who always puts us on the fish!



Sweet Pea Fishing Charters – Hilton Head Island, SC

Still Morning - Moss Creek Sunrise


I’ve been on a bit of a break from putting photos up online but I’m still out there getting some good shots. Real estate has continued to improve in the lowcountry so I’ve been staying busy selling homes (my primary profession) and also photographing them. Print and canvas sales have been great! Keeping a stocked inventory has been my only problem. As we inch closer to spring and the weather begins to warm, I’ll be looking forward to getting out more. In the meantime, the cooler months of January and February have offered up some fantastic skyscapes. Here are a few of my favorites of late. Cheers!

For the Love of Hilton Head Island