Veterans Memorial Park - Hilton Head Island, SC

Veterans Memorial Park on Hilton Head Island, SC

In Shelter Cove Community Park, located behind Shelter Cove Plaza, you’ll find this lovely tribute to the Veterans of the wars the United States has been involved in. The Town of Hilton Head Island has contributed over $1.5 million in land & construction to this Memorial. The park is located marsh front on Broad Creek and has hosted some of the most popular events throughout the year to include Winefest, Concerts in the Park, Wingfest, the traditional Memorial Day and Veterans Day services.

11 thoughts on “Veterans Memorial Park on Hilton Head Island, SC”

  1. What is the process and what is required to have a memorial brick placed in the park? Thank you for any information supplied.

    1. Peter, you can contact the Community Foundation of the Low Country at (843) 681-9100. They will provide you with an application. I hope this helps!

    1. Hi Roy, you can contact the Community Foundation of the Low Country at (843) 681-9100. They will provide you with an application. I hope this helps!

  2. My wife and I attended the last veterans day celebration 2011 at shelter cove. I was very impressed and we will attend this year. I live in the bluffton area. I am a singer songwriter and have made several cd’s. As a Vietnam Vet I had decided to create a song for my brothers on my new cd for those who served our country at that time. I was wondering if it would be possible to share this song at the celebration at shelter cove this year 2012. The song is entitled “I Did My Learning” I can send to you the song to see if it would be appropriate for this special occasion. Thank-you for your time and keep up the great work for getting all veterans together. Sincerely, chuck schultheis

    1. Hi Chuck,
      First and foremost, thank you for your service in Vietnam. Thank you also for dropping by my site and commenting. I’m not directly affiliated with the memorial. I’m a Marine veteran and appreciated the tribute to our brothers and sisters in arms and decided to photograph it and do this piece on it. I believe you’ll want to contact the Community Foundation of the Low Country at (843) 681-9100. If there’s anything at all I can do to help I certainly will. I’d also love to hear your music!!!

  3. Years ago, because the people planning the building of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Holmdel, NJ ran out of money, I believe Christie Todd Whiman if I am not mistaken was hired to raise the balance of the money to finish the Memorial. I purchased a paving stone along the walk way towards the Memorial in memory of my husband. I gave me closure being able to do this, and many many people and organizations did this in memory of all those that gave. I will be visiting the Memorial here in Hilton Head Island as I am on vacation.

  4. Hello Brett,
    FYI: Folks who desire to purchase Memorial Pavers for the Veterans Memorial Park may also pick up a brochure/application to do so provided in a box located next to the paver directory kiosk located near the monument on the side near the footbridge going to the community park. All the information is in the application so I will not repeat it here. I am the liason between the Community Foundation and the Town of Hilton Head Island Facilities Management Department who handle the processing of the pavers and update the kiosk directory. After the CF receives the applications, they are forwarded to me initially for processing, then on to the vendors for printing, etc.
    I also was the chairman and MoC of the event we just had on 11/11/13 as well as the events on 11/11/11, 11/11/08 and the very first one at that site on 11/11/05. I am the Commander of American Legion Post 185 here on Hilton Head Island.
    Regards, Al Wattay

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